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Javier offers private lessons in the Bay Area (Hayward) and Online for beginners through long-time players who wish to learn and/or improve flute playing. Lessons consist of 30 minutes to an hour of individual instruction covering all aspects of flute technique, repertoire and musicality. In addition, music history and theory are addressed, according to student level and needs. Creativity is encouraged to develop students’ own ways of playing with emphasis on music expression.  To check his previous experience:

Some former students have ocuppied in the past important roles in prestigious youth and professional orchestras in Venezuela and in flute contests: Maria Gabriela Núñez ("Teresa Carreno" S. O., Yamaha National Contest Finalist), Jansarah Chacón ("Francisco de Miranda" S. O.), Angerlin Urbina ("Teresa Carreno" S. O.), Patricia La Pietra (Caracas Youth S. O.), Loidmary Perenguez (Youth Caracas S. O., Briceno Flute National Contest First Prize Winner) and Lorel Rodríguez (Filarmonica Nacional O, Yamaha National Flute Contest Finalist). You can listen to them on this video:

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